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Re: Sad sad sad

Originally posted by bigxl31
I have reason to believe that you stole the ideas and time that vince managed to work hard for. I just don't get it ... I just bought the kit from him and I am very happy with it honestly. I am not trying to Rip on you nor am I jealous in any way, because I it does not matter to me, but when you steal credit from someone else, that's kinda childish, I know your the big shot from MIT. I know.

sad state my friend ...
Don't you think that's kind of jumping down his throat a bit? Not to take anything away from Vince, because I hear nothing but good stuff about him and his product, but just because he was the first to do this in the right way, doesn't mean that he would/should be the only. If that was the case, we'd all be driving Fords right now.

Fundamentally, it's a modification, albeit a rather complex/sophisticated one. Vince has turned his DIY solution into a business venture; that definitely is not going to stop anyone else from doing their own experiments. So, to say that someone "stole" anything is rather judgemental. Does that mean if someone that installed the Push Button Starter button started selling a "kit" that included the button, a cheap rotary tool, etc., that anyone else doing the same thing on their own would be thief? How about any of these non-OEM vendors that sell clears? BMW (or the company that they contract for lights) obviously originated the design for the lenses. So, does that mean that all of the 3rd party companies are stealing?
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