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Originally posted by XeetBMW330ci

Who is it that owns the 'idea' of doing the paddle retrofit? Nobody owns the idea. (If you didn't catch that the question was retorical.) I think that some people may be a little upset that $400 is a little steep for just running two wires. (No matter the amount of time invested before being able to sell the product.)

As I have stated before, GREAT JOB MITE46!
exactly i was actually gonna make a DIY day out of this myself in the near future without buying the kit before this post.

Originally posted by bigxl31
I have reason to believe that you stole the ideas and time that vince managed to work hard for.

im curious though, whats the reason that leads you to believe this? was vince the first person in the world to come up with the idea for the retrofit in the first place?
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