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south bay BMW said that i coud not do a retro fit on the car and said that i would have to update all the wiring, and they said it would cost 250 just to look at it, and then they can tell me what i can do after that; he also said it was a myth to upgrade halogen to xenons; but south bay always sucks, they even put bmw badges on 4 scion xbs and call it thier transportation shuttles; incase anyone in the southbay was wondering why those scion have bmw badges. ill try to snap a pic next time i see one around town.
lol would like to see that. yea when i went to irvine bmw, they told me the same thing. it's not possible and that they will need to keep the car for 3 days to diagnose it and then tell me. i just told them i just needed an lcm reflash and the head tech that had been working there for 15 years didn't know what i was talking about. i just took it to another dealership, crevier, and they took care of it after some explaining. at least they knew what it meant.

mine have never flickered and i have been running p46s for two years
i think it's different on facelifted sedans. i know you can't pull out the fuse to get rid of the warning and when you do the oem bixenon retro, it won't work when you turn it on. it just turns on then flickers constantly until you get a reflash
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