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Oil changing, water pump, lifetime fluids

Sorry for this to be my first post, but I've just shifted from my '92 325i to a '99 328i and have some issues...

One is that my oil filter cap has two small o-rings at the bottom and then a copper washer just above them. The dealer's parts guy said no washer shows up on his screen, so I'm wondering if the former owner of my car had put that washer up there for some reason.

Does the copper washer belong or not, and anyone ever replace those little o-rings.

I'm very handy, so I'm wondering if someone who changed a waterpump on this car ('99 328i) can tell me if it's a reasonable job to do...anticipate any broken little thingies which I ought to have on hand, etc...would really appreciate it.

Also, anyone here get more than 140K on an original waterpump? Doubtful, right? Or not. Any chance this is the original waterpump after that many miles? I

Dealer tech today said, really don't change lifetime fluid in manual trans...the gunk seals it up, he says. Since I don't know if it'd been changed before in its 140K life, am I opening up a can of worms I don't want to open by wanting clean fluids?

Anyway, still grieving the loss of my '92 which was totalled for me by some guy who wanted my wife to have an airbag on her side! Appreciate any or all answers.


Doug in NJ (sorry, don't have a photo of my car!)
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