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The washer was identical to the washer on oil drain plug, so I figured some idiot before me, put it up there. With three opinions now, I'm taking it off. I was trying to get it off (to replace it), but needed to remove the small o-rings to slide it off. Not having a replacement for these small o-rings, I left on the washer. So, they also didn't have the small o-rings for the filter cover at the dealer. Don't these things get replaced?

...and manydubs, thanks for the tip about the oem. Was going to get graf, having just seen it recommended (through a search on this forum, I believe, so I'm glad to hear it's not worth the $15 savings or whatever.

...again, just today, parts guy said impeller (sp?) is plastic now. Need to do some research on that...damn!

I'm amazed but pleased to hear yours was fine at 122K. I've been feeling like I'm driving on borrowed time and don't want to have my car disabled while driving in the nether reaches of NJ!

So, question...did you do your waterpump from the top or bottom...did you remove the fan and/or shroud, or just fidget in there?

Thanks again...very nice to have a forum for me and my car!

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