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I am 31 now and I have had shingles 2x so far. Once in my early 20's, and once in my late 20's. My doctor told me the same thing about it being unheard of...yeah right! It is a strain of chicken pox that lays dormant. Feel lucky, both times I got them during extremely stressful times in my life and they covered almost the entire lower half of my back. It started w/ just one little lump. I thought it was a spyder bite and by the 3rd day it had spread serverly . If you catch it in the 1st 72 hours you can take an antibiotic or something to get it to stop. My doctor gave it to me and I have it in my medicine cabinet. Ask him in case you get it again. BTW, are you a perfectionist or a worrier? I am really anal and I think this has alot to do w/ it.
Are you suffering w/ it now?

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