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DIY on fixing clutch switch delay on manual M52TUs

This is seriously one of the best mods I've done

M52TUs have a problem where you hit the clutch and the RPM stays in place for a bit, making it really annoying to upshift. It'll jerk if you don't shift really slow.

M52TU = the E46 323 and 328, z3 2.3 and 2.8s, and later 528s.

Went to the dealership today to see if they'll do anything to fix this problem:

All M52TUs have it, really annoying and causes jerky or slow shifts. Dealer wanted to charge me to diagnose it, about $100 for parts, money for installation, and more. I said F that, I'm gonna fix it myself.

Alright, so i wanted to ground the switch to fix it.

I took out all the covers and and the metal plate to expose everything. You then need to unplug the yellow harness

Notice the car won't start now. The harness has 3 wires, one power wire and 2 grounds. One of the grounds is to start the car and the other for changing gears while driving. You want to ground the starting ground.

So with a multimeter, I figured out which one is the one to start the car, and crimped both wires together. You're just connecting these 2 wires together to ground it and make it "always on"

After you connect the wires together, make sure everything is nice and tight.

DO NOT plug the harness back in, just leave it out.

It'll look like this

Start the car to make sure everything works. Then put everything back together.

Now go for a test drive, you will notice your RPM doesn't hang when you hit the clutch, it goes down right away. Now the ride will be nice and smooth.

You also can start the car without pressing the clutch pedal.
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