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Are you manual or auto? If I correct that there's a large consensus here for Redline DFL for the Dif and D4ATF for the trans.

Also, are many doing new radiators. Is it more a wear item based on mileage or age or both do you think? Wasn't planning on replacing it now, since she just got a new AC compressor and all the inspect 1 stuff--plugs, belt, therm, filters

Dealer tech said do not change trans. fluid as the gunk helps seal it. I grilled him...even after 140K? Leave it he said...probably muttered...we'll sell a new car soon! Seriously, though, that's not without some merit, isn't it? I don't know how this car was treated before, so if I assume the worse and most likely, that the fluids hadn't ever been changed...still change them?

Thanks for your comments, and for moving me here. Still finding my way around here and around my car!


Doug in NJ
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