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Originally Posted by croat View Post
I just replaced my belts and idle/tensioner pullies to find out that my water pump is the one that was makes grinding noise. Obviosly I want to replace it.

My questions are:

1. How much of coolant do I have to let out and how do I do this?
2. My dad mentioned something about being careful of air getting into the cooling system! ?? anyone know if I should be worried about this?

Btw, here's the video of my water pump

P.S. It wasn't like this prior to belt change. I would notice it if it was like this before.
Wow dude - that baby's ready to go! I'd get that fixed ASAP before she ends up in the radiator...

Have you done a coolant change yet? If not, you may as well do it since a good 1/2 of the fluid will drain anyway when you pop that pump. Plus if you don't drain first, it will be significantly more messy since you can more easily control where the fluid goes when you drain from the plugs. Either way do not reuse drained fluid - always top up with new fluid. Plus use the same fluid to top up, so if BMW fluid is in there (blue/green in colour) stick with it.

As for air in the system, it has to do with the way you refill. You don't want air pockets in the cooling jacket or the car will overheat. There are a few threads going on this just recently.

We actually had a "coolant meet" last year in TO - changed out 4 cars in an afternoon!

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