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Originally Posted by n3985 View Post
I don't understand what you mean. Installing angel eyes is such an easy task, and only an elementary scale wiring needed. The $200 kits offer the exact samething as what was installed, 4 rings, 2 inverters, and a relay kit. The way I installed the kit is 100% identical to any other on this site, since we all used the same design SPDT relay. However, the $100 extra IS worth it to unexperienced people in terms of tech support, or those looking for a peace of mind in case a power inverter fries, or a ring cracks.
I admire your skills and your ingenuity! . I freely admit that parts of our kit are indeed made by the good folks at Mycarr. However, not all of it is made there.

Let me explain the differences that we have them make for us with respect to the parts we buy - the rings.

1) We have them include a good UV coating on ours - yours will fade over time due to sun exposure (as their original kits all seem to do) that's fine for the price, but not for a high end product designed to last a long time.

2) Heat sunk clips, they don't do this for the other kits, because we wanted our customers have have more security on the auto-level - in case they are not properly installed <-- which happens - so yes, it's not that easy but it should be

3) Obviously the world exclusive Chrome backing designed to take advantage of all the possible light output. The key here is that the chromium backing will also prevent heat distress on the back of the ring from some of the halogen applications.

Other than that, great work!

Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
wow well done

Personally, I would rather pay the money to buy the kit from Jlevi knowing that you don't have to worry about things not working and they have a lifetime warranty... but then again, I buy extended warranties from stuff at best buy
He did mention that. It's a good alternative, just seems like a lot of work.

Originally Posted by n3985 View Post
IMO the Chromium looks the best, but the $200 is a def turn off. However, it is worth the $ if you need the technical support and or for warranty issues later on.
Thank you very much. MC product is good quality, you won't run into issues long term with the rings. You'll more likely have issues with the ballasts (another key difference, we don't use theirs in our kits). We use a cold-weather higher output ballast that gives us a little more "pop" and works better in cold climates, HK not being one of those colder climates
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