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Yes, that thing is ready to pop out. I used to hear the same noise you hear in the video before but then it would go away and come back.
I thought it was my idler and tensioner pullies. Also my belts would squal. So I replaced those this past Saturday and the chirping/chatter noise was still there. Two hours after it got worse. I popped the hood to see that in disbelief. It's so scary looking. Anyways, car is parked and water pump+bmw coolan have been ordered from Should be here by Friday so I'll be doing stuff on Saturday.

My questions about coolant flush are:

1. There are two plugs to drain the coolant, correct? One on the radiator (driver's side on bottom) and one on the engine block (passenger side, underneath the engine)?

2. If those are the only plugs, so I go ahead and drain everything then plug them. Now thru which hole do I fill up 50/50 mixture of coolant+destilled water?

Thanks in advance


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so 2004 bmw's dont come with a diff?
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