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Originally Posted by croat View Post
My questions about coolant flush are:

1. There are two plugs to drain the coolant, correct? One on the radiator (driver's side on bottom) and one on the engine block (passenger side, underneath the engine)?

2. If those are the only plugs, so I go ahead and drain everything then plug them. Now thru which hole do I fill up 50/50 mixture of coolant+destilled water?

Thanks in advance
Hey Croat...

Check out next time you are after parts. They are in Canada (so no duties/customs issues), shipping is free for $75+ orders and they are damn fast. Ordered rotors and pads for the 328i on Monday eve, got them Wednesday aft. Two thumbs up for these guys.

As for the Qs:

1. Yes. There may also be a third one on the expansion tank, depends on your car. I've also read that the rad one is no longer there on newer rads.

2. Yes, drain what you can then reinstall plugs. Refill is through the rad cap - turn car to IGN (do not start), turn heater on full heat and full fan (opens the core valves), then slowly fill at the rad cap with the bleeder screw (on the top hose) OUT. When you are nearly full, fluid will bubble out the bleed screw (have a basin underneath to catch overflow) - continue filling SLOWLY until you see no more bubbles coming out with the fluid. Button up and you're done. Usually you should get no air pockets with that method but keep an eye on the temperature just in case.

Also I didn't go right to the coolant after the first drain - I flushed with distilled water 3 times. Basically the whole routine over and over until the drained water was basically clear and clean. Then I did the final fill.

BTW, here's a DIY I wrote on my home forum: Water Pump DIY on Tuning Emotion. Maybe that'll help, but feel free to PM anyway if you have any more Qs.

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