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I first read this particular post in '04 and have prescribed by it ever since:

Originally Posted by russ330 View Post
I know that there's several folks that run the bulbs from SPP and are happy with them. I don't have any first-hand knowledge, as I am a yellow fog light kinda guy. As far as the wattage, the car is wired for 55W bulbs. If you insert 80W bulbs you are drawing more current through the lines than the car was designed for, one of the by-products of drawing more current is: heat! That's right, higher wattage bulbs = hot ass wires = can/will melt the wiring in your car. Now if you only use your fog lights for a little bit at a time then you might be okay as the lines will not have sufficient time to heat up to the point of melting... Hope I was able to help you out some, and remember, yellow works better in the fog.
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