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Originally Posted by JmeC View Post
I was never really concerned about light output to begin with... I just want to get rid of that damn ugly yellow stock color on the high-beams and fogs to match the gorgeous Umnitza Chromiums, the LED turn signal kits and xenon low-beams. The fogs are really for show, the high-beams might be used for more than "20 minutes" when driving up north to my country place.

There is some SERIOUS compromising of the electrical wiring going on if I can't keep my fogs on or High-beams on for more than 20 minutes don't you think? I'm not talking about Xenix particularly, but 100w bulbs for 55w specced wiring systems in general.

This guy in my pm box told me how he purchased some 100w Nokyas and it caused a small fire in his engine compartment, melted the harness right off and he had to get the wires replaced, and it even damaged the computer transmitter in the dash somehow. He spent 600$ to get it all repaired and 2 weeks in the shop.

I wonder if I got the 100w and I forgot to turn my high-beams off one night. My god.
First off, we don't sell anything resembling Nokyas product. So it's not fair to lump them in. There are many factories that develop good products, we take the time to look for the ones that work best and get those.

No cheap stuff.

Secondly, if he touched/put oil on it, then it would cause a fire, if it was improperly inserted it would as well.

Generally, I agree, I'm just saying, my experience with our product has been very good and I'm hoping some of our customers can chime in.
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