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Originally Posted by Canuck328i View Post
Actually it's a good question, but I don't believe there are two separate switches. The three wires should be for + and - power to the hall switch, then a third wire for the output to the ECU. It would be only one switch that you are bypassing which does both functions.


Damn, after re-reading I need to clarify this. I meant to say that there aren't two switches within one physical switch module since the three pins are needed to power the hall switch (as Jared details above). Two pins power the switch, and the third provides the output.

Yes, there are two separate switches though - one that engages when the clutch is fully disengaged (out) and another switch that engaes when the clutch is fully engaged (in). My question was which one needs to be bypassed, and apparently it is the first one.

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