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preppy R6 read my following post...my 3 wires consisted of:

1 brown wire
1 blue wire
1 purple wire(with a white line)

the purple wire was the power wire which might change from the year and make not sure just throwing this tought out there since the colors of my wires were different then those of soundofspeeds

the blue wire was the one that turned on my car

the brown wire was the one that managed the shifting...

again you want the wire that turns your car on and the power one. you're going to be grounding them together with a tap in. One problem I ran into which soundofspeed told me i might run into was that when you squeeze the tap in together it might not cut through the wires enough to make the grounding complete.To fix this I put one wire in the tap-in squeezed it opened the wire and did it for the other one(1.start up wire 2.power wire)then just put both in at the same time ...

it might take a guess and check because i wasn't able to identify which wire was start up wire...i went by the following picture

notice the position of the wires and the harness thats attached to it...the purple one was in the same place as shown...in my case the blue one was where the brown one thats attached to the tap-in is at so i took that as my guess....well it worked for me since it was the start up wire it might or might not work for you...maybe someone could clear this up a bit as to if all of the wires are placed in this order??

speed of sound answered all my stupid questions i had a lot of repetitive ones to make sure i wasn't going to make a mistake that could somehow wreck my car hehe well a lot of you wont have questions or concerns about the process because of his great DIY but if any of you have any questions i'll be more then happy to help

tap ins-radio shack 2 bux for 7,speed of sound helping me for free? well free! ahaha,shifting smoother without the jerking PRICELESS!

well some people say plug and play..in this case unplug and play
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