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Originally Posted by toyrunr View Post
80-90 lbs for the blower. The intercooler and all. Yeah, I can see that being heavy. I assume it throws off the balance in the car as well.

I am just trying to figure the best way to get most performace out of the car w/o sacrificeing reliability.

I think, I am starting to realize that I'll just keep my M the way it is, and invest in a NOBLE M400. Yeah, I think I'll just do that instead. Thanks.
I'd imagine that the weight increase for everything is somewhere btwn 150-200lbs in the front. Just a guess. With lightweight front seats and a CF hood you might be looking at a nice loss of weight approaching the 100-150lb range but you're right, itd be nice if you could lose the weight right where its being added which is in the engine compartment. So really, the hood is the only thing that brings you back down to front end weight balance.

Now that I think about it, prolly the best route to go would be a CF trunk and CF roof (legit, not an overlay) and then lightweight front seats and a set of BBKs that are NOT impossibly heavy like most Brembo's and StopTech's are. I know UUC's brakes are forged and quite lightweight.

In other words, the amount of effort to bring the car back to 50/50 balance would cost a helluva lot. Get the Noble

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