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I think he's got a whole cage. Yeah, I remember seeing that and though, WHY? this only add more weight. But I guess staying alive is more important than just shedding weight.

In terms of removing weight in the engine bay. How big is the A/C unit, I can live w/o it, I never turn it on because it just takes power away. BBKs are heavy and being unspring weight it almost makes it seem counter productive. Once I've seen this brake kit advertized in the BVAUTO mag for like 5k. Titanium, they came with a silver suit case too (how funny). Those could possibly be alright, if they are lightweight and durable. However, I've yet to see a single car with them on and at 5k it also seems to be not worth the price.

The only problem with Noble is I don't know how long it'll last. It's roughly $100k and to spend it on a car that'll barely go over 10k miles and die doesn't seem worth it.
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