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Well, I just got a call from the shop which is fixing my rear regulator (remember, the one that broke after 34 days after being replaced?)... Apparently, the regulator itself is still fine. However, there is a plastic piece that connects the regulator directly to the window glass, and this plastic thing broke. Technically, this piece is not part of the regulator itself, so the work done today is not really covered by the shop's warranty. However, they ended up using some high-strength glue to fix this plastic piece (since the local BMW dealer didn't have one in stock), and ended up doing it for free.

They believe this glue will hold, but they did say that if it breaks again, the piece will need to be replaced with a "real" part.

Oh well... I'm just happy it's not the 34-day old regulator that broke, but it doesn't make me feel much better about BMW's power window design in general...
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