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It will give way. It's a matter of time. Everyone I know with a SC'd 3L M54 engine have problems with their step tranny. It will slip, refuse to shift up to 5th...etc. We're talking SK1 and above kits. Maybe the tranny can still take it with an SK+ kit. Don't know for sure.

They either rebuild it adding additional clutch plates or swap to manual.

Or you could drive your car really gently, which defeats the whole purpose of SC...

My car is a 320i with an SK1 kit with an 11PSI pulley. I swapped my 320i step tranny with an 330i step tranny. It's holding up ok but I can feel I'm really pushing the limit already. I run an ATF cooler to help prolong the life, but the torque output of my engine is already much more than the rating for a 330i step tranny. So you can imagine how much more torque an 3L engine will push out...

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