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Originally Posted by SK328CI View Post
best brand is upto the person looking to buy. its like asking whats the best brand car, you might think bmw someone else might not.

the chromiums are however very popular. but you can find kits much much cheaper that look just as good. when you buy kits like the chromiums, you really pay for the lifetime warranty and support.

there is a sticky up top that will give you pics, judge for yourself.
The chromiums aren't just popular They have sold over 3400 units now.

You don't just pay for Chromiums for lifetime warranty.

When you compare the two side by side, you pay for quality of construction, elegance, quality of components, and of course a reliable brand.

If you even look very carefully, at all the comparisons, so far, there is only one choice if you want the best - Predator Chromium
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