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I'm not really an expert at this so maybe someone else can chime in here but from what I understand it would be better to have bars that are more closely matched. For instance the Turner Motorsports bars are 27mm front and 21mm rear, this is a pretty big spread and one of the stiffer front bars I've seen.I'm not sure of the sizes of UUC's bars but Dinan's are a 24mm front and a 22mm rear which would probably keep the understeer a little more under control.I'm actually thinking of putting my stock front sway bar back on which is a 23.5mm and leaving the Turner Motorsports rear 21mm on to see if that helps on my car.The only reason I bring this up is cause when I ordered my sway bars I was all excited but when I put them on and the car understeered so bad it was pretty disappointing.It does stay nice and flat through turns which is cool and the only corners it understeers in are 360 degree offramps when you take them way faster than you ever should so maybe I'm nitpicking here but I want more from my car and want other people to get it right the first time instead of having to mess around like I am.
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