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I have personally never owned a black vehicle, by my parents have.

My dad once had a black 85' Vette. It looked sick when clean (I was the one always detailing it even as a young kid). I found it hilarious that he said he would never own a black car again because it was so hard to keep clean, even though I was the one who was always cleaning it. Even at like age 10, I was freaking out when he would drive through puddles right after I washed it,

In 04', my parents purchased a new Jaguar XJ8... in black, in spite of their promise to never own a black car again. Once they saw it, they simply couldn't resist! They also now live on a dirt road, so weekly washings are mandatory, if not twice a week! They used to keep the dust off the car with the California Car duster, but you should only really use that for pollen, and not dust from dirt as it can scratch the clearcoat.

The XJ8 is an otherwise "plainly" (yet classy) styled car. I've seen some in beige and they just disappear in traffic along with the multitude of other plain looking cars like Hondas and Toyotas. But because their car is black, it really has an upscale look to it that makes it stand out. I love the color... especially since I don't live at home and don't have to wash their cars for them weekly anymore! If you can deal with the maintenance, I'd say the color black is definitely worth it.

- Justin

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