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Originally Posted by Tyler@UniqueDesign View Post
Shrug, its not as bad as everyones making it out to be. The E36 sucks for traction and it was dumb to not at least drop the tire pressures some. Further a good driver can get past traction issues - if you know your car you use the clutch and the gas pedal to limit wheel spin. I know with a turbo car thats hard, but thats why turbos suck on a road course - which leads to my last point - that E36 is NOT setup for a road course if its running a turbo with that much boost. The spool would make it spin off the track in a 30 mph turn.
I know...I was thinking the same thing. The 325 he mentioned is probably the one thats set up for track, but the turbo M3 isn't. Still...that race was unfair from the start...

Although I dont think that SC cars have a problem at the track, do they? Their power is linear enough that it shouldnt cause major problems at a track...

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