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Some quotes that give me that extra drive when I need it...

"I figured if it took a few years, I'd be a few years older anyway. I'd either be the same, or I'd be different. So the time didn't matter, it was going to pass anyway."

An exchange between me and a guy at the gym regarding how I have "LIGHT" written on my left strap and "WEIGHT" written on the right one.
"Do you have ones that say "heavy weight?'"
"Nah, man. It's all light weight."

You are born frail and weak.
You will probably die the same way.
How you live inbetween is up to you.

"Quit? You know, once I was thinking of quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung and testicular cancer all at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I got back on the bike and won the Tour de France 5 times in a row. But I'm sure you have a good reason to quit. So what are you dying of that's keeping you from the finals?"
- Lance Armstrong in Dodgeball

Once someone asked me what pleasure I got out of riding my bike for so long. "Pleasure?" I asked. "I don't understand the question. I didn't do it for pleasure. I did it for pain." - Lance Armstrong

Nobody here is going to give you motivation though. You've got to find that on your own.

Oh, an iPod full of metal and rap doesn't hurt though.

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