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Let's see, where to start...

Originally Posted by inzideurhead View Post

1.) On a 325 step you'll be fine with an SC, there's guys that have them on 330's and several kits for the 3.0L require less boost. Since you're starting of with lower power levels but the same tranny I don't think you have anything to fear.

2.) $5K? Good luck. I think VF Engineering is the lowest cost alternative and you may be able to pick one up for something in the $5K park. Contact JLeviSW if you're interested.

3.) Good investment/worth, completely subjective.

4.) Let's not compare the step tranny in the 335i to the one in the E46. Different generation car, different transmission.

5.) Fuel economy does not go down drastically. Please all a compressor does is force more air into the engine, it's the larger injectors dumping more fuel into the cylinders, and the heavy foot you develop that contributes to the decreased mileage. It's not like the car gets Hummer H1 gas mileage now. I don't know about a 325 step, but a 330 5 - Speed will still see about 20 MPG in stop and go city driving even with a heavy foot.

6.) 330cibimmer: I think you would really be stressing your transmission with those kinds of mods AND a supercharger... proceed with caution. I'd suggest that you speak to MANY different supercharger kit manufactures and see what they say. Don't focus in on only one company as perhaps they'd be willing to sell you a kit even if it isn't the best idea for keeping your transmission in one piece. Technik, ESS, AA, VF-E should all be contacted IMO and consolidate their responses.
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