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Well I've now had two workouts using Doggcrapp and I'm really liking it, but on training days, I'm going to have to up my calories even more than usual because of the intensity required.

Day 1
Incline smith press - 215x13RP
Military smith press - 170x4 (bit off more than I could chew especially with trying to baby my shoulder)
Tricep rope pushdowns - 80x16
Barbell rows - 225x17 RP
Cable rows - 285x13RP
Hang with 100lbs between my legs - 32seconds, 17 seconds.

Day 2
Barbell curls - 105x15
Hammer curls - 50x12
Standing calves - 500x23
SLDL - 225x10
Hack squats - 315x17

I started feeling a bit nauseous on my 2nd warmup set of SLDLs and ended up pissed off at my results for the working sets of SLDLs and hack squats, but I was suprised I even made it at the gym at all as I'm just getting over a mild case of food poisoning.
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robbing with a sword is a good thing
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