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Originally Posted by CCali View Post
Tom- 2 questions..

first- any idea what a clicking noise is during play? its very low and not too irritating, and can really only be heard at periods of no music.. but its like a click click click...
Is the clicking heard with the engine running or off? If off, is there a difference with the engine running?

Originally Posted by CCali View Post
also second- its unrelated to dice but was hoping you may know. i have a mix, on my ipod, of mp3s downloaded from itunes and what not, and then of songs i got directly from c.d's. all the songs from c.d's are a good deal lower in volume than the others. any idea whats causing that?

thanks for any help
Depends on the bitrate you ripped the tracks at. Also, some CDs have slightly different quality than others. Have you changed ripping programs recently?
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