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Originally Posted by jcarter2003 View Post
if you can hold the relay and feel it clicking on and off it is probably still good. you need to have (+) on either 85 or 86 and then a (-) triggering the other terminal 85 or 86 and that should trigger the source of the relay 87 to the output of the relay 30

hope it helps
these are numbers to a number diagram system for the car right....?

Originally Posted by v3man View Post
check the ground... a problem i ran into with my friend was the wires going from the rings into the white thing.. haha.. sorry i dont know names... but its what the wires from the halos connect to the other wires... they weren't in tight enough.. it's hard to get them in FULLY... like.. i had to SHOVE it in... check that maybe?
Are you refering to the ballast, a lil box thing that connects the halos to the wire harness? I dont think thats the prolem, cause both my driver and passenger side wen out at the same time, but ill make sure the connection is really good.
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