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Originally Posted by dgtlhybrd® View Post
I have some bad waterspots, it rained just recently and wasnt around to wash it after. now i have an amazing amount of waterspots on my car that almost seem baked in. what would you suggest to remove the spots? i took pictures but you cant see too well the amount of spots or to the degree of how bad it is. The only way i can describe all the marks are like " ghosts of the water drops"
There is also some light scratches on my car from lovely people in my area they arent too deep it seems.

you can see in this picture that the waterspots didnt show up in the pic, but you can see how the reflection of the tree is distorted - it almost looks blurry,swirly and a bit bumpy. the white dots all over the car is ash, there is a fire pretty close at the moment.

another shot

one of the scratches on the side of my car

thanks for your time
- Dgtl
Watermarks are caused by mineral deposits in water that etch into the clear coat when the clear coat gets warm (mainly from the sun). Water from sprinklers (or hoses) is the biggest cause of this and the paint only needs a little bit of time in the sun to warm up enough for damage to occur. Rain can cause watermarks too but is less likely because it’s often cloudy when it rains. However if you get a quick sunshine after it rains or you have high levels of acid rain it can happen as well.

Since the watermarks are actually etched into the clear coat it requires a cutting polish. Unless the marks are extremely faint they generally requires a minimum of two coats of polish. Initially we recommend using a medium abrasive polish followed by a light abrasive polish. The first polish is a medium cutting polish that will remove an ultra fine layer of clear coat where the watermarks have etched themselves into. This will also help remove imperfections such as oxidation, fine swirls and light scratches. A medium cutting polish can leave a slight haze behind so we always recommend using a lighter cutting polish after, also known as a finishing polish. These polishes use extremely fine abrasives that will eliminate any haze and make sure the surface is nice and glossy. This two-step process will allow more light to pass through the clear coat so you get a deep reflection from your paint. These steps may sound a little intimidating but it’s really very easy to do and yields some pretty amazing results. Here are the products we recommend you use to permanently remove the watermarks.

By Hand (Recommended Lake Country Hand Applicator Kit)
Poorboy’s World SSR 2.5
Poorboy’s World SSR 1.0

Using a Buffer (Recommend Porter Cable 7424)
Poorboy’s World SSR 2.5orange cutting pad
Poorboy’s World SSR 1.0white polishing pad
Menzerna Intensive Polish - orange cutting pad
Menzerna Final Polish IIwhite polishing pad

To prevent watermarks and other imperfections from happening (aside from the obvious of avoiding places with sprinklers, parking inside, etc.) is to layer sealants on your clear coat. Sealants are like waxes but more durable and protect your paint better. Is this method fool proof? Certainly not, but its better than waxing or doing nothing. Additionally if you clay and polish the surface it will be smoother which has two main benefits: 1.) A smoother surface will help moisture roll off easier and form finer beads 2.) The sealant will adhere to the clear coat better. I also personally like to apply at least two coats of sealant to my vehicles for extra strong protection and shine.

In summary I would get the Porter Cable 7424 if you don't already have it and either one of those two step polishes. The PC 7424 is an amazing tool that is super easy and safe to use. If you want more information about how to best use the PC 7424 please read our "How To" section or ask me for some more information. Hope this all helped and we look forward to hearing from you.

Originally Posted by dewo View Post
I took your steps to polish my car.
1. Menzerna polish II
2. Menzerna Finishing Touch Glaze
3. FMJ
I then used Pinnacle Wax
Now that I've done this, can I use any final detail spray such as Meguilars or Zaino?
Thank you for all the great information.
Yes you can use those products. The zaino ones tend to work best with zaino products from what users tell me. You can also just wash and add another quick coat of Pinnacle to the surface. My favorite quick detailer is the Menzerna High Gloss Acrylic Shield that tends to bond well to the surface. Its basically like a liquid fine version of the FMJ that adds a lot more "pop" to the paint.

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