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Originally Posted by beem View Post
61 pages of reading..wao...spent like 3 hours reading all that..

I have a Titanium Silver Sedan...just repainted...wat's my options?

Was thinking like
1. Clay - Any offers?
2. Paint Cleaner - Still have some Meguiars Paint Cleaner. Is this ok?
3. Klasse AIO - Any offers?
4. Carnauba - Still have some Meguiars Carnauba Wax. Is this ok?

Are these steps good?
For clay bar I like the ClearKote Kit we have available w/ the 200g bar and Quick Shine Clay Lube.

You certainly can finish up using the Meg's stuff you have already. To be honest, Klasse AIO is a Paint Cleaner w/ Protection so there is no point in doing both the Meg's Paint Cleaner and the Klasse AIO. Klasse will leave behind a layer of protection that will last 3 - 4 months and without knowing about the Meg's one you have I can't give you any feedback on that.

I'd suggest finishing up what you have and when you are ready upgrade to some better products to further enhance your detail.

Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
I received my PC from Detailed Image yesterday. Thanks Greg and George for your service and quick response to my messages.

This is really a lot of work, and I can appreciate what an experienced detailer might charge for swirl removal, glaze, and sealant. It would have been impossible without the PC.

My question is how long should I wait between FMJ coats? Can I just begin again as soon as I have finished a coat? I see you recommend a couple of coats, or should I consider three coats, maybe? (This is the easy part, the swirl removal is what really takes time.)

Do you recommend carnuba or other "wax" after the sealant, or is it good to go? The car looks great already, with one coat of sealant.
Thanks for the positive feedback. If you are trying to apply multiple coats of FMJ I would suggest waiting at least 12 - 24 hrs between coats for the 2nd coat to bond properly. Same goes for the 3rd.

Adding a wax over FMJ can add additional depth and gloss and give it a warmer glow rather than a reflective mirror look from FMJ. It really is preference as far as what you like best. I personally like the look of a natural carnauba wax but that is my own personal preference.

Glad to hear you got good results. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.


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