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Super quick question I need a quick reply to..

I puchased my car about 6 weeks ago and since owning it have done this, in this order at different intervals:

Zymol Carbon
Zymol cleaner wax
Poorboy's Sealant (1st time)
Poorboy's Wax (the bubblegum stuff we got from you)
Poorboy's Sealant (2nd time)

The last two I did back to back, the evening I did the wax then the morning I did the sealant. That was about 2 weeks ago.

NOW, my wedding is this saturday and we're driving off into the sunset in my 330i and I want it to sparkle. I don't have a lot of money and I have no time to order any special products.

My question is of the four choices I have which should I use to get the best shine before the wedding. I DO have time to do one coat of something tonight and one coat of something tomorrow morning. The poorboys wax then the sealant you think? Or the zymol carbon? Just the sealant and nevermind the wax? How much is too much?

Also, because rehersal dinner is friday night I can't do any waxing/cleaning that night, I need a quick spit shine sunday morning (cause Baltimore drops a lot of soot on my car even just sitting around). My brother and I were going to give it a once over with zymol detailer.


P.S. That poorboy's wax was harder to get off than I expected. Also, while I was waxing I watched a fly land on the hazed wax, take off and die almost immediately. NOW THAT'S STRONG STUFF! LOL

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