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Originally Posted by Kanaljen View Post
First off, kudos for the extra time you must have spent to create and share this "DIY" to all of us! Class act!

Two related questions:
- You said you might have an unbalanced driveshaft.. What's the symptom, why do you think it's the driveshaft, what can be done to find out for sure and what can be done to fix it?
- You had the flywheel resurfaced: I keep hearing no-nos on resurfacing the dual mass flywheel (which I tend to dissagree with). Which shop did you use, do you happen to know of a good one in San Diego? (Maybe I can ship it to the shop you used)

Some of these questions came about after I decided to change my OEM flywheel to the UUC light flywheel kit. Long story short, I can't wait to get that thing out of there since I have vibrations, rough clutch engagement and rattling gear box. (Yes, I have tried every remedy including taking the whole thing apart a 2nd time). I want my OEM flywheel back in but it would be nice to lighten it a bit or at the very least resurface it.

Again, awsome DIY, thanks for sharing and thank you in advance for taking the time replying to my questions.
Sent you a more detailed PM but basically for everyone else.

The Dual mass flywheel can be resurfaced but.... just so many times that is. Mine has been once and performs excellent. Where as with like UUC's light weight flywheel you can just get the replacement parts for fairly cheap to use the flywheel for a lifetime.

I just wasn't ready for a lightweight flywheel.

As for the driveshaft, I got it from a junkyard and even though it looked good to me it could have been slightly bent and I could have not noticed it. Either that or it was not aligned properly by me. So I'm just gonna take it to a shop to look at.

Just a semi update:

Got car back from landshark with coding completed. I had to remove the 3 plugs from the EGS modules to remove the 2 tranny fault codes. Well those disappeared, but now I have DSC disabled due to it being different between auto and manual and a new fault code P0600 signal miscommunication error came on. Car is going back for coding of the DSC module. Other than that car drives perfectly.

Also found out where the Pin 4 of the Clutch Switch Module goes to:

Clucth Switch Module Pin 4 <---> Pin 8 EWS connect this and remove the 12V <---> EWS wires and now you will have to depress the clutch to start the car. This is of course after the coding of the transmission data.

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