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Originally Posted by Ramone View Post
1) What creates Swirls ? I'm curious because I bought my car second hand and it has some spots with swirls. Is it from the type of towel/cloth used to clean the car? Methods in washing/drying car. Make sure to use a sheepskin mit with ph balanced soap. Rinse car down completely and dry with ww microfibers

2) Also is this what typically happens when you take your car to the car wash ?Never do that

3) Are car washes safe to take your car ?what did i just say

4) When looking for a place to detail/clean your car. What kind of things should you look out for to know if they will do a good job? What kind of questions should you ask ?Make sure your car is cool and in the shade. Soak car down with water in a streaming form to get rid of loose debris. Sprinkle car with water so it is covered in water, use a REAL sheepskin mit with proper mixture of soap/water and lightly wash car. Make sure the mit is gliding across the surface of the car. If any lag takes place, clean mit and start again. Repeat process over until it is done. Follow up by washing the car down with a stream of water to get rid of standing water on the car. Wipe remaining water off with plush ww microfiber towel.

Thank you

Its not a complete thing...i'm just heading to bed. If it isnt covered more by tomorrow I will give you a complete step by step instruction.

Real Sheepskin Mit
PH balanced soap
Two 5 gal buckets
at least one grit guard
2+ ww microfiber towels
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