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Cut and pasted from my response to your post in the forum

Hair can be one of the worst things to work with in a detail, especially when its in fabric. The problem is that hair becomes traped in the fibers and will not be easily vacuumed out. Here is what I typically do:

Vacuum up the loose debris by doing one quick pass over the areas you're treating. Then I take a good clean brush and wipe the seats (if cloth) down vigorously. I work the hair towards a single point while working top down. Sometimes you have to work the brush in multiple different directions to effectively pull the hair out. I'll vacuum the brush a couple times while doing this brushing. Then I do one more pass with the vacuum more thoroughly. If any hair remains you can use a lint roller, tape, etc. When your done make sure you empty the vacuum's filter or bag.

Hope this information helps, let me know if you have other questions.

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