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some slip right out, some dont, be glad it didnt fail and kill your motor.

I had one that I couldn't get out since the pulley was seized, I have the special tool required to remove the fan but it would not budge. I ended up not being able to disconnect the fan from the pump.

After a lot of cursing and trying, its easy to damage the radiator, so be careful. Some even go as far as putting plywood to protect it in case the pump does come out while your pulling full force.

On this job I priced a new fan, under 20 bucks, plus a pulley, another 20 bucks Ended up just snapping the damn fins off one by one, this allowed me to yank the entire assembly out. Its hanging on my garage wall, a trophy to my saving $500 over what the dealer would have charged for the pump alone. My new pump was 51 bucks delivered and far superior to OEM.

Sometimes you have to use leverage, but first make sure the pump is sitting square, meaning is it flush with the mount? if not even it up with the bolts. Or if your going to flush the coolant anyway ( which you should) try a VERY small amount of penetrating lube. I have PB Blaster, dont really see what all the hype is over it though, any of my Break Free gun oils works just as well if not better.

If that doesn't work, Im thinking something bad is going on. Try some heat, carefully with just a regular hair dryer, unless your a pro I would not use a heat Gun.

If your new pump fit in, then none of the old pump was there. Its an easy job if you have the proper tools and dont wait until the car has 100K on it.

After this last job I still had a squeal, changed the AC belt tensioner, belt, accessory belt tensioner, belt and Idler pulley. Now the noise comes and goes, driving me out of my mind. Definitely sounds belt related. Going to try degreasing, maybe I got a belt contaminated, for 6.99 might as well put new belts on..

The joys of a 3 year old BMW. Oh yea, my fan for cabin air is making noise now.

Im staring at my wife's car, change the oil, fill with regular and go. 1 year older never seen a tool, ever. The difference in quality and reliability is startling. Now I love my BMW, but my god, what next is all I think when I start it, I have owned a lot of various brands, never was that ever a concern to me, not even a consideration.

To me this is unacceptable. Waterpumps as preventative maintenance every 2 years for my driving distance? come on BMW, christ my dads Buick can keep a waterpump for 10 years or more, I have more power window failures on a 3 year old car than he has had in his 22 car life, and I have a Coupe!
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