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Preventive maint at 49K

I changed my water pump, thermostat, both radiator hoses, belts and tensioner this past Sunday. The Waterpump came out easy once the two M6 bolts went in. My bolts were just as long as the ones on the pulley that bolts onto the waterpump. In fact you can also use those bolts to get your WP off. I chipped my WP platic pulley with a screw driver and eventually soaked it with penetrating oil to get it off. Yea, its back on and I will order a new this week to replace it.

My sqeaking noise at idle has disappeared and it use to drive me crazy when waiting in drive at a drive through.

I noticed that when my WP came off the impeller was metal and I thought it would be plastic. I heard that this was a reason to change it before it damages the car and I decided to do this as preventative maint. My question is were the early e46's impeller plastic and some were changed after the fact or was there a production change in my year (2000) that was included in my car's build? My build is 03\00.

One more note adding the 50\50 mix was easy according to the Bentely manual and I was really worried that the system would have air and overheat. I was impressed with procedure to fill it up and thought this was smart by BMW. Am I wrong to think this way? The last Wp that I changed was on a 1980 Cutlass Supreme for my dad from way back in the day.
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