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Originally Posted by geoffct View Post
If you don't mind what boxes did you have to flash? Is the DSC still going crazy? Did you copy the code of a car of the same year?

Heres the coding receipt, all coding data for the manual transmission was dealing with:

Coding of the ZCS (Body Electronics)
Coding of the DME
Coding of the Instrument Cluster (Which just disables the gear indicator error)

I'm pretty sure the just messed around with it really since they've done a few e36 tranny swap coding jobs, but they could have had a similar car in the shop didn't really ask but I can when I bring the car back.

I need to bring it back to them to recode the DSC module and recode the OBC for it worked for one day then decided to stop working. DSC only started going haywire and stopped working when I disconnected the EGS module (Which is the automatic transmission module which obviously I don't need anymore)

However when I reconnected it DSC began to work fine again but the 2 hard fault transmission codes pop up again. Either way the ar drives perfectly fine, I just want to rid the CEL for good though and I'm almost positive recoding of the DSC Module will do just that. I will keep everyone updated.

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