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Originally Posted by BMW Loe View Post

For maximum results, is it ok to do it in these steps for the polishing and glazing?:

orange pad SSR 2.5
white pad SSR 2.5 (is this step needed for maximum results?)
white pad SSR 1.0
black pad SSR 1.0 (is this step needed for maximum results?)
white pad FMJ
black pad FMJ (is this step needed for maximum results?)

If thats the case, I'm going to have to order an extra lake county white and a pair of lake county black pads over what already comes with the advance kit.
I'd scratch the white pad with the FMJ (full mollecular jacket) as it really only requires a black finishing pad, having two seperate pads for a sealant is pretty pointless. If you meant FTG (finishing touch glaze) then you can use either a white pad or a black pad to get the job done, and you really won't benefit from having two pads for the glaze IMO. The pads you have laid out for the SSR's look perfect so you can tailor to the aggressiveness that is needed.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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