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Originally Posted by MESH_KING View Post
Damn nice Kev! Love the raf stuff this season. MMM is my man, that's what my cotton pants are. Finally someone into the **** like me. The diems I'm getting are lower and a roughed up matte leather. I'm also picking up some band of outsiders shirts and common projects sneaks, love those man. What else you looking at for xmas? I might pick up some 45rpms but I won't order them without trying them on since they're 4+ for jeans.
nice, i love margiela's stuff. are the margielas the new pants you listed? did you get the carpe diem boots from Atelier in nyc? i love 45rpms, i would definitely buy them from the 45rpm studio in NYC (they have 2), since they'll measure and chainstitch it for you when you try it on. i think sorahiko's run about $333 now (on sale? raw and one-wash), and jomons are $750+. i would definitely try them on and have them custom tailored by 45rpm the professionals to make sure spending that much is worth it. i am not sure where you can order them from also. i visited their soho store, very cool, though i just bought the raf hoodie from sevennewyork and couldn't spending too much, but i do love 45rpm jeans.

for Christmas, i'm looking for a button-down or two (cloak, ann demeulemeester, krisvanassche, or hussein chalayn). i really like dior, mcqueen, and raf's 06 fall/winter collection - so hopefully an item from there. also looking for a pair or two of denims, perhaps one raw to break in and one to wear everyday (i'm thinking about somet, pure blue japan, atelier la durance, or johnbulls). i would love to find some of The Viridi-Anne or Kiryuyrik, but no such luck yet.

lol i'm selling a lot of hollywood jeans like true religions too, trying to get cash to afford some new stuff.

ASP Overdrive Pullies
Brabus Front Bumper
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Eisenmann Race Exhaust (2 x 83mm round)
Euro Impact Strips
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2005 Accessories OEM Trunklid Spoiler
2005 Foglights w/ 8000K HID
W211 Mirror Turn Signals
HRE 545R Wheels (gloss black w/ polish lips) - 19 x 8.5, 19 x 9.5
Goodyear Eagle F1 GSd3 235/35/19, 265/30/19

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