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It's called Autoleads BMW Multistalk Adapter. Very very rare on ebay, but you can find them in shops as well. They make adapters according to the headunit and car model, not generic ones. And yes the steering wheel control works great! Volume up/down, tracks up/down both on audio and mp3 cds. I'll try to get in touch with the seller..

Control software is Centrafuse

The headunit relocation:

Soldered 15 wires on the unit's PCB and another 15 wires on the faceplate. cat5e cable has 4 twisted pairs in it (8 wires total) so you need 2 cat5e cables to run (16 wires total).

so, 2 cat5e cables coming out of the unit, CUT them, and solder the parallel port. Then, run the cables under the carpets etc until you reach the handbrake. Cut the cables again and solder another parallel port.

Took the faceplate and opened it, soldered another 15 wires on its PCB and connected them via parallel port with the ones coming from the trunk. Have a look through the pictures I posted before about the parallel connections.

Head unit (crappy phone camera)


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