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Originally Posted by Pat-UK View Post
Blinding install, The PC case looks interesting, looking for somthing tiny for a project of my own (not car related)

Can I ask a question thought, not having a go, just purely out of interest, as I fancy having a go at somthing similar but couldn't put the head unit in like you have as I have Btooth phone unit.

Why did you not go for a USB radio or combined USB TV/Radio would have saved quite a bit of time and effort, remember I'm not having a go or flaming, just wondered.
The headunit is used as an amplifier for the system as well, not only for radio/mp3. I didn't want to install separate amplifier because of the cost and then I would have to change speakers etc. Remember if you don't use a radio, you will need a separate amplifier unit.

Very nice diy!

Have you considered integrating your car pc with the IBUS system in your car? You could intercept the steering wheel button signals and use them to control the PC volume. There are many more features that have been uncovered for the E46 as well... including rolling windows up/down, triggering the locks, wipers, lights, etc.

Check out my website for more info ... http://www.HackTheIBUS.com/ ... In a couple of weeks I will be releasing some software that aids in testing all the functionality I described above. You will be able to download it from my website for free!

I'm interested about this!! What hardware do I need?
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