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I had this same situation happen last week, bought them from the same guy. I went about the install being very happy and confident to know there wouldn't be any dash lights on. But to my surprise, the rear tail leds would not turn off and the dash warning lights were lit. Also the tails flickered, plus the sun was going down and my garage was full of crap. And to top things off, my trunk lights would not turn off either, I followed the harness that came with the led's and just pulled the trunk bulbs and disconnected the led harness from the trunk light voltage. I have no clue why my trunk lights wouldn't go off. But that was causing the leds to stay lit when I shut all the doors and walked away. I guess that is some dumb feature to light the tails when a door is opened, but still have no clue why the trunk lights wouldn't go off, no big deal don't need trunk lights anyways. The trunk light only turned off when I armed the alarm. I guess these are the euro lights meant for their voltage but the funny thing now is that only my left rear dash warning light is lit after I press the brake. So I get into my car, press the brake and only the rear left warning light is on. I have no clue, I even swapped those resistor packs and capacitor type pack and the problem didn't follow. This is pissing me off also, ebay guy said he's mailing a replacement from taiwan but I told him i swapped the resistors and the problem is on the led boards. I think my next step might involve some 10 ohm resistors.
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