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Now the rears are basically the same.

To help get the rotors off I hit them first and lossend the small allen bolt before I took the caliper off.

Now take out those 16mm bolts.

I hit my wrench with the wood part of a hammer to break them loose

After you pry off the caliper Now you can take the rotor all the way off

Clean up the hub.

WTFF okay the e-brake is a drum brake whatever. So you have to adjust the auto adjuster to make it small...Theres a tool to measure the diameter of the shoes then the diameter of you hub to make the right adjustments but we didn't have it so just do trial and error....the rotor is sopposed to fit over the shows snuggly!


Clean these up again

Put on the caliper with the 16mm's

Compress that piston

Pads in Ready for the allen bolts

Hand tighten then wrench tighten

Spring on the outside and your done

Now the Passenger Side Rear has a sensor. (this sensor was not worn down so we put it back in has a lil clip that keeps it in place.
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