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As deafboy stated you're probably going to need a cutting polish. I'll explain what happened with the sap first and how to fix this problem.

To get rid of any remaining sap your best bet is to go to a drugstore or supermarket and get Isopropyl Alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol). I like to pour it into a spray bottle and mix it with water, but you probably will need it full strength. Pour some directly on the sap mark and let it sit for a couple minutes. Then try to pick away the top layer if the sap is thick. Once you're close the surface of the clear coat soak a part of a paint safe cloth in the alcohol and try to rub the rest off. This should remove the majority of the build up.

Unfortunately sap can adhere to a portion of the clear coat and when its removed it takes part of the clear coat with it. What basically happens is that they eat away at a small portion of your clear coat and it can leave a "ring" like shape in the clear coat. You can see this ring in direct sunlight or florescent lighting. To get rid of this you will most likely need a good two step polish. The first polish is a medium cutting polish (like the Poorboy's World SSR 2.5, Menzerna Intensive Polish) that will smooth out the clear coat. Then follow it up with a light cutting polish (Poorboy's World SSR 1.0, Menzerna Final Polish II) to make sure the surface is nice and glossy again and optically clear.

If you're doing the job by hand I'd use the SSRs and if you have a buffer I'd use the Menzerna IP (cutting pad) and Final Polish II (polishing pad). I highly recommend doing this process with the Porter Cable 7424 to save you time and energy and most importantly to improve the results. Let me know if you have any questions.

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