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Originally Posted by BMW Loe View Post
Thanks Greg.
No problem, glad Detailed Image could help you.

Originally Posted by rkj082000 View Post
I have a question regarding towels.

Some say 100% USA cotton is the safest thing to use to avoid scratching, swirl marks, etc....

Some say that micro-fiber is the safest thing to use to avoid scratching, swirl marks, etc....

I have always used the 100% USA cotton method, and it has been great at not creating scratches, but very efficient in removing wax/polish. After reading this forum, I decided to purchase micro-fiber towels from Detailed Image. I am impressed with these towels, however, I noticed that they have a tag stating they are made of polyester.

I guess my question is, is it the weeve (or lack of) in a towel that can scratch your clear-coat, or is it the material composition that can (cotton vs. polyester)? Also, does anyone make a 100% cotton micro-fiber towel?

Thanks in advance....
If you have any questions about the process I listed above please let me know. To help prevent watermarks from happening again I would highly recommend only working in the shade on cool paint. When washing rinse frequently so the water doesn't sit on the paint for an extended period of time. Also If you have a good layer of sealant down on the paint it helps prevent watermarks but is not a cure all. Let us know if you have any other questions.

You asked some great questions that I can at least answer in part. First and foremost just about any material can harm the finish if used with enough force. I think the goal of selecting a towel is finding the safest method. Both materials can be safe depending on a variety of factors. I don't think any particular weave (or lack of a particular weave) will cause micro scratches. Microfiber towels are specially woven to collect and gather excess product as opposed to pushing product around. This special weave uses ultra fine fibers that are supposed to be much finer than human hair. I also feel that the microfiber towels we sell are slightly softer than most cotton towels. Another big issue with towels in general is what is used as stitching and the seam. Many store brand towels have rough or thick edges or nylon stitching, which are more likely to cause micro scratches. The microfiber towels we sell all have paint safe stitching and edges.

Regardless of the towel you choose a quick test to see if it will harm the clear coat of your paint is to take a blank CD and wipe the towel across the surface with the same amount of pressure you'd use with the towel on your paint. If it scratches the CD then it has the potential to harm your clear coat.

Hope this helped and if you have any more questions please let me know.

Greg @ Detailed Image
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