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1985 Olds Firenza (train car my Dad bought to teach me to drive, friends called it the Fahita got rid of it after got my license)

1987 325es (LOVED this car but maintenance was high and my dad thought I should get new car instead had no choice)

1991 Ford Tbird SC (fast as hell for the time loved to go sideways totalled while parked)

1991 Pontiac Gran Prix (so many cool options, such a piece of junk)

1995 Jetta GLX (one of my favorites friend got into an accident with it it was never the same again so I sold it)

1997 Mazda Millenia S (very nice car but that was it, kinda boring)

1996 BMW 325i (great car but got a lemon should have done better research cost alot in repairs decided if I was getting another BMW it would be new)

1999.5 Jetta GLX (a very cool car lots of fun to drive looked nice had electrical problems)

1997 Jeep Cherokee Limited (fiances car we bought still love the box style)

2000 VW Beetle (fiances car we bought at the time slowwwww)

2000 BMW 323i (first brand new BMW still have and still love)

2006 Mazda 3 Hatchback (daily driver cool options for a cheap car)

Next on the list the E92 M and an e30 325 convertible

Euro Delivery Thread
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