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Lets see...
1969 Ford Torino GT (still have it stored away back home)
Suzuki Samurai (unknown year)
'88 Toyota 4X4 pickup with about a 3 inch lift
Datsun 200SX or something also unknown year (major POS)
1991 Ford Thunderbird (that car rocked till I blew the engine)
1989 Ford Ranger
1992 BMW 316i (euro spec)
2001 BMW 325i (US spec, current car)
Coming soon... 2005 Pontiac GTO

Not bad at 21. The torino was inherited, grandfather owned it, father owned it, now I do. The samurai was a gift when I got my permit but only set my parents back like 100 bucks and was a B-Day gift. All other cars paid in full by myself or were aquired through trades.
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