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Originally Posted by MLZ225 View Post
I never introduced myself but,
My "future wife" lol goes to school in Dubai (AUD) and another good friend of mine i grew up with that also does. Their parents decided to send them there because they are really muslim and felt like it would be the best place for them to be besides Saudi Arabia.

But anyway, I don't want to put my real name out on the net like that for some important reasons, just call me "MLZ225" for now :lol:. I am hopefully coming to Dubai next summer to visit and do business. I have a good friend here also from there, who sells petro-chemical products to the Sheikh of Ajman , so i told him to put me on, i hope everything goes as planned.
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hey MLZ225! welcome to the boards n thnx for ur intro...

i always thought mazinger's japanese yoksoma hiksoma blah-blah-simo intro was weird...n now we have u who likes to be called MLZ225.. hehe.. jk

nice to have u here... happy posting!...btw tht gambella gtr boxter in ur sig is hot!
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