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Originally Posted by stephan330ci View Post
But how much photo shop goes into a picture, for example, section 6 where you took out the light poles in the background. Is that all you touched up on in that picture or are there other things you changed.

Also, i have taken some pictures where the blacks or whites blend togeather eliminating the detail. Such as, you have listed with the details on the tires or with the window blending with the white sky. How do i take care of this kind of problem?
I used Photoshop to take out the light poles and also adjusted the Levels. That's it.
The original picture is already good because I use spot metering to the car (the subject).
And also the parking lot wall really helped blocking the bright sunset light. If there was no wall, I definitely need to use flash to correctly expose the car, if not the car will underexposed (dark) compared to the bright background (getting shadows only because I was facing the sun).
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